Welcome to my writing corner

Some friends have expressed interest in reading my writing, so I decided to share a few things here. I’ll slowly add poetry and stories both old and new. This is a bold move for me, since I’m rather shy about sharing my written works. I’ll share a combination of things here, including some fan fiction as well as bits of my original works. Basically, I just write what inspires me. Sometimes a poem or lyrics are inspired by my life, sometimes by the lives of those I know, and sometimes they’re inspired by a fictional character that I’m writing, or even reading about. Whatever the inspiration, when the words come I have to write them down or they’ll circle my brain incessantly and pester me until I record them. You can read down this home page or click on the links directly to see either poems or stories in their own sections. I’ve updated with some of my older works and was sure to note the oldies by date.

I’ve also added a subscribe option for anyone who might want to be alerted when I add new works. I appreciate all who subscribe, thanks so much! Either way, I hope you’ll leave a short comment on anything you may like, if you feel so inclined. Thanks for dropping by!


The Promise You Could Never Keep

A Poem by Khanada Marlene

Many years ago
In another world
I pinned you to a promise
That you could never keep
We were young
I intruded on your reality
You lied to make me happy
And now we are free
You and your love
My ordinary world and me
So, I release you
With the gift of unconditional love
With apology
With forgiveness
With my admittance
I should never have pinned you
To a promise you could never keep.

That Distant Boy

A Poem by Khanada Marlene

Communication ends
Because they couldn’t just be friends.
He said, girl it’s too late
She said goodbye, without hate
He sings words, without meaning
In her mind, it’s only dreaming
Hollow silence, kept in secret
Move on, and let him keep it
He should have simply let it be
From now on, she’s sure to see
This world with all its faults
Moves forward, and never halts
Calmly drifting, she finds her joy
Leaving behind, that distant boy

Virtual Interaction

Poem/Lyrics by Khanada Marlene

That boy, he loves his secrets

Got 3 layers of protection
With no binary integration
Chose face to face rejection
for virtual interaction

Ohh, all these numbers
All these words
fly past the screen
but he’s nowhere to be seen
Tell me, is this real?
How does it feel?
Running scared, is that the deal?

That man will he keeps his secrets

Lost messages in hidden codes
No email or textual inroads
Duel nature in abstraction holds
quiet whispers in silent modes

Ohh, all these numbers
All these words
fly past the screen
but he’s nowhere to be seen
Is this real?
How does it feel?
Running scared, is that the deal?


A Poem by Khanada Marlene

Some days
I feel anger
Struggle in confusion
Some days are pain

Some days
I feel amazed
Contemplate our connection
Some days are sweet

Some days
I feel used
Bristle at your refusal
Some days I break

Some days
I have compassion
Commiserate over the our lives
Some days are calm

Some days
I just quit
Accept it is what it is
Some days I’m done

But all days
My heart is full
No matter the time and despite the pain
All days you are my friend and I love you

Photo is of my mother, from an old bunch of negatives I found.

That’s My Jam

So funny how right after I say I’m all dried up, I’m hit with all of these words. Well, that’s life, isn’t it? Inspiration comes when it comes. Typically I have long dry spells, and I’m sure that will happen again. I have stories to work on, but poetry is easier because I’m rarely alone to formulate story plans. A few minutes here and there to structure a messy poem I wrote in my phone notes early in the am, before bed, or in the wee night hours, that’s my jam lately. I’ve also been adding images to my posts. Mostly art I’ve done or various personal images that may be interesting coupled with each post.

The Soul of Your Song

A Poem by Khanada Marlene

I am the earth
I tear upon the flesh to reach the blood
The veil before my eyes remains
Break the stone, sift the sand
Dig in the gravel
Picking out fragments
Of my heart and my mind
Find in the spirit the truth
That is me
But, not a clue to the soul of your song

I am the city
Within the gates lives no one but me
The buildings reach a star
Steep levels scrape the clouds
Noisy distractions fill the air
In the daylight
Bustling thoughts fill my streets
In dark, cold night
The black and empty search
For the soul of your song

I am the crown
Upon my head, the crown to rule me
And I shudder to think
As the voice reaches me
How I was led to deceive me
The sightless leading the blind
Blocked by my doubts
Rocked by my fears
They are me and only I
And they drown out the soul of your song

I am the highway
Winding pathways and dark roads
They are twisting in upon themselves
With no map to show me
And no one but me to lead the way
I am in the dark here
As the dead ends rise before me
in the humming engine, like the beat of a heart
in the rumble of my tires
I can faintly hear the soul of your song

I am the church
Crying desolation, a search for the answer
But drowned out by my voice on high
Dark waters warp the wood
Of my pulpit, just right
I reach for the doors
Seeking sanctuary here
But the priest is sleeping
She dreams of eternal flight, winning and losing
Listening for the soul of your song

Oh, the sky is falling,
leaking like blood
Around me, beneath me, the earth gives way
And I’m falling…
Falling away as the rain and the wind rushes by
I close my eyes and listen…
I can hear it now…
…In the drizzle…
…is the soul of your song…

Daydreams & Notions (Redux)

A Poem By Khanada Marlene
(I found an old poem with this title, but it was… strange, LOL, so I’ve rewritten it.)

So long ago
You said you’d come to me
Before everything changed
Before you planted that tree
But, it was a dream
Just a daydream
We were fooled by daydreams and notions

The second time
You said it would come undone
You said it would take time
But, we knew it shouldn’t be done
Because it was a dream
Just a daydream
And we were misled by daydreams and notions

Now it’s number three
You ask me to call you,
You ask if I’m feeling numb?
Did you think you could give it all up?
Oh no, it was only a dream
Just a daydream
And we were fooled by daydreams and notions

It was only a dream, only ever a daydream
I was so misled and I played the fool
And here I am
Fooled again by daydreams and notions

Flights of Fantasy

A Poem by Khanada Marlene

Slipping away
words like shadows
lost in emptiness
invisible and ignored
Sworn to silence
echoes flinging back again
and endless redundancy, repeating
A miracle resolved
into the nothingness of heart
or just flights of fantasy
Strings, they bind and twist
loosen their grips as decades pass
swing back around to bind again
The searching mind
resists and turns away
and still they dance
An empty song, he sings
she writes her replies
to nothing and to no one
hollow expressions without a home
This journey is at twilight’s end
and she always knew the answer
always knew it was not to be
There was heartache
but now there is peace
Questions are ghosts that haunt
and all she wants is
the exchange of gentle confirmation
to share in heartfelt validation

Why Can’t You?

A Poem by Khanada Marlene

Can’t you tell me why
Why you can’t reach out
Why you always turn away

I presume you have your reasons
Reasons you refuse to share
Reasons only in my mind

And so, I always doubt
I doubt who you are
I doubt what transpired

Reading between the lines
All I have is in my head
All you are, I can’t find

All I want is connection
All I need are answers
I would not take you away

But all I do is guess
Guess at what you’re thinking
Guess why you said ‘no’

Can’t you tell me why
Can’t you say hello to me
Why can’t you break the ice?

All Dried Up

Well, after posting a lot of stuff here, some old, some new, I feel like I don’t have anything more to say at the moment. So, words are failing me. Sometimes expressing the things going on in my head and in my heart just seems redundant, like I’ve said it all before. But, I do have stories to revisit and at some point I’m sure I’ll write something that I can share here. I appreciate my new followers and those who have taken the time to read and like my posts. It really means a lot. The only thing we creative types need is to know others are enjoying our works.